Who doesn't like mom's recipe?


    For the last 15 years, my mother has dreamed of a world where people receive the vitamins and minerals they need in a healthy, natural form. The inspiration for this dream stemmed from her own family's health struggles, watching her husband deal with chronic illness. When researching the benefits and side-effects of conventional medicine, she soon feared that the very medicine that was supposed to help our father in the short term, would ruin his body in the long run. In a search for alternative methods, her research into natural medicine and the importance of vitamins began. Using the principles of Ayurvedic (plant & herb based) medicine, our mother's attention quickly turned towards a nutrient dense diet and natural dietary supplements.

   Who would have guessed that on the other side of town was also someone in need of these natural methods, not just for him, but for the world he was exposed to- the hair and skin industry. After over a decade behind the chair as a barber, it was there that Eric discovered the problems some of his clients were experiencing. Some of them including hair loss, eczema, thinning hair, and overall absence of nourishment. With this in mind, Nature's Feel came to life when my mom and I introduced our Ayurvedic solutions to Eric!

     In this day and age we fight an uphill battle everyday to avoid the increasing amount of chemicals that are put before us. In a time where people gave little thought to the Ingredients label on their household goods, and instead scoured the shelves for the lowest price, our mother began to preach the benefits of replenishing your body with the vitamins it so desperately needs. It was from this love which Nature’s Feel was built on, a defiant stand against the hair & skin care products that we used everyday, which gave us temporary reprieve at the cost of stripping our hair & skin of all important nutrients.  

In our attempt to empower people to take back control of their own health, we believe everyone should know that the perfect hair, skin, and body care, is never too far from nature.

-Ranteg Sandhu, Eric Tolento |Founders



Thank you all for your support, kindness, and consideration! You’ve all made this such a beautiful journey for our family,,THANK YOU!